eCTD registration cheaper

Don't have enough products to pay off your perpetual eCTD Editor license? Pay only for its use.


How does it work?

Buy one or more tickets. The ticket allows you to generate just one sequence in the hosted edition of the eCTD Editor, which is available online. You will generate a sequence. Send to regulatory authority. Done. More here →


No time to use the eCTD Editor?

It doesn't matter. Send us the files. We will create the sequence for you. More here →


Hosting - permanent access to the eCTD Editor

Rent a web space where your sequences will be permanently stored and properly cared for. More here →


The author of the website is the company Human Ways. This company is engaged in the development of software eCTD Editor, software for the production of drugs Orgnes and software for the formalization of management according to GAMP - RelNet.



eCTD Editor® is a combined trademark owned by Human Ways, s.r.o. registered by the Industrial Property Office of the Czech Republic under registration number 324409.