Hosting registration data

Have all registrations permanently ready for the next change

Uploading historical sequences to the editor is easy, but time consuming. Therefore, a disk space reservation service might be useful. This service allows:

  • Permanent user account for the eCTD editor - your data are always available.
  • Guarantee of timeliness - eCTD Editor is always up-to-date. The latest version of the program is always available.
  • Support Guarantee - All support services are available.
  • Guarantee of connectivity – you can connect any time
  • Backup - data is backed up once a day to a backup device in the same room. This device archives the last 3 backup versions.

Hosting price table

Item Price [€ without VAT] Note
Fee for connectivity to the editor, one user account and 5 GB of disk space. 10,- Paid monthly
Expansion of disk space by another 10 GB 8,- The fee is paid monthly. Each sequence is saved twice in the editor. Exported version and draft.
Additional user account 8,- The fee is paid monthly. The editor records the user's data trace. You can know who, when, what he did.