eCTD online - editor operation

Do you find it difficult to operate the eCTD Editor? Leave it to us.

Operating the eCTD Editor is easy. In addition, you are entitled to unlimited support. If you do not want to deal with the operation, we will be happy to do it for you.

Operating the editor is not time consuming, but the key is the correct preparation of documents. If the documents are well prepared, the creation of the sequence consists in the following activities:

  • Find the folder corresponding to the inserted content
  • Select a subcategory, if any.
  • Select a file from the last sequence, if necessary (methods: append, replace, delete)
  • Determining attribute values, if necessary, for a given content type.
  • Filling in the administrative part. This part is not laborious, but unfortunately not easy either, because especially in the EU the legislation is relatively complicated.

If you do not want to learn the software, it is possible to order the servicing from us. The price list of individual types of work is summarized in the following table:

Price table of types of operations

Type of Operation Price [€ without VAT] Note
Inserting a file 8,- Literary references of one type are accounted for as one file
Creation of the administrative part 40,- EU envelope, USA admin part, etc.
Previous sequence upload 8,-

Guarantee of compliance with the maximum price

In the case of initial sequences, the registration dossier may contain a large number of files. However, it is always true that the maximum amount charged for the preparation of one sequence is CZK 15,000 without VAT, including the price of the ticket using an editor, regardless of the number of inserted files.