eCTD online - how it works

How to create a valid eCTD registration sequence over the web

Buy one or more tickets. We will create your private instance of eCTD Editor available online and you can start working immediately. You are entitled to unlimited consultations regarding the operation of the editor.

After applying for a ticket, the ticket is already permanently linked to the given preparation and sequence. However, the sequence can be generated repeatedly.

If you do not create the first sequence (USA 0001 otherwise 0000), you need to load the original sequences. These are loaded gradually as a zip archive. The editor processes them automatically on the server.

You upload the necessary files to the editor and finally export the resulting sequence. Download this export and send it to a regulatory authority.

In the event of a technical problem regarding acceptance, send this problem to us and we will always resolve it as a complaint. Typically, for example, opening a zip archive sequence on an Apple computer (adding .ds_store files) or later editing files outside the editor.